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“Our Page,” Liahona, December 2017

Our Page

Our page

We talked about the importance of the temple in our life and family. We made models of the temple with our families.

Primary children in a ward in São Paulo, Brazil

Our page

I always show love to my brother and sister by helping them do their homework. Smile!

Benjamin S., age 11, Kenya

Our page

We went to the beach for our vacation and made a CTR shield in the sand.

Sofia, Matias, and Tomás O., Argentina

Our page

The Almighty

Everyone asks themselves, “Who is the Almighty?”

Many don’t know.

They don’t know He is in the eyes of children,

When you feel the breeze whisper,

In the heart of the valiant,

In the smile of your loved ones,

And you don’t call Him only “God” or “the Almighty”

But rather call Him … “my Heavenly Father.”

Adriana G., age 9, Chile