God Trusts Us to Serve Our Ancestors

    “God Trusts Us to Serve Our Ancestors,” Liahona, August 2017

    Prophetic Promise

    God Trusts Us to Serve Our Ancestors

    President Henry B. Eyring

    “God knew that you would feel drawn to your ancestors in love and that you would have the technology necessary to identify them. … And He knew that He could trust you to accomplish this work in behalf of your ancestors. …

    “This is the work of our generation. … You have felt this, as I have, when you have experienced an increase of love as you looked at the picture of an ancestor. You have felt it in the temple when the name on a card seemed like more than a name, and you couldn’t help but sense that this person was aware of you and felt your love.

    “I testify that God the Father wants His children home again, in families and in glory. … I promise you the inspired help that you seek and need.”