Thinking of Jesus

“Thinking of Jesus,” Liahona, April 2017

Thinking of Jesus

The author lives in California, USA.

Liahona Magazine, 2017/04 Apr

Mía was excited. It was her first time at church! The missionaries told her family about this church. They decided to come.

Mía looked around. She saw a white cloth on a table. Something was under it.

“What’s under that cloth?” Mía asked one of the missionaries.

Sister Hanson smiled. “It’s the sacrament.”

Sacrament. That was a big word. Mía had heard the missionaries telling Mommy and Daddy about it. But she wasn’t sure what it was.

Everyone sang a song. Two men lifted the white cloth. Trays of bread were under it! Mía watched them break the bread into pieces.

After the song a man said a prayer. Other men passed the bread to everyone.

“The bread helps us remember Jesus’s body,” Sister García whispered.

Mía took a piece of bread. She pictured Jesus standing in front of her.

Then there was another prayer. The men passed trays with tiny cups of water.

“The water helps us remember Jesus’s blood,” Sister García whispered. “He died for us because He loves us.”

Mía took a cup of water. She thought about how much Jesus loved her. She felt like He was giving her a big hug.

Later Sister Hanson gave Mía a little picture of Jesus. “We eat the bread and drink the water to remember Jesus and promise to follow Him.” She smiled. “What did you think of the sacrament?”

Mía looked at the picture of Jesus. She remembered the warm feeling she had. She smiled. “It was great! I love Jesus.”