Keeping the Commandments and Loving Others
September 2016

“Keeping the Commandments and Loving Others,” Liahona, September 2016, 6


Keeping the Commandments and Loving Others

cleaning the kitchen

When we think of love, often the first things that come to mind are romantic movies, chocolate, and flowers. But love—true love—is a lot deeper and a lot more selfless than that. Jesus Christ lived for us and died for us because of His love for us. In fact, the two great commandments are to love God and love everyone else (see Matthew 22:36–40). But how can we show others that we love them?

President Uchtdorf shares Christ’s parable of the two sons, one who works for his father and one who does not. The Savior makes the point that only the son who obeyed his father truly loved him. Similarly, when we obey God’s commands, we show that we love Him and want to return to Him.

But how do we show we love everyone else? President Uchtdorf explains that too: “If we truly love our fellowmen, we extend ourselves to help ‘the poor and the needy, the sick and the afflicted.’ For they who do these selfless acts of compassion and service, the same are disciples of Jesus Christ.”

So the next time you see your parent, a sibling, or a friend, think about serving them to show your affection for them. Not only will it make them and you happy, but it will make your Father in Heaven happy too.