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“Our Page,” Liahona, June 2016, 73

Our Page

Liahona Magazine, 2016/06 Jun

I felt very good during my baptism. I was a little nervous at the beginning, but after I entered in the water, the nervousness passed. I felt very secure in the baptismal font. I feel very happy that I made a decision to be baptized. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and that there is a living God.

Neyliana V., age 8, Brazil

My family and I went to the temple, and I know that the temple is the true house of Jesus Christ.

Helam A., age 5, Peru

The Creation

In righteousness Heavenly Father created this lively world.

He brought light into darkness and made air, oceans, and lands,

With things in abundance and changing seasons to add to the excitement.

Then there was the sun, the moon, and the stars, and animals to accompany us.

Man was then created to rule this earth.

Heavenly Father could now rest.

On the holy day we learn of many of these truths.

C. Ling-yao, age 10, Taiwan

My dad and mom talk to us about the temple. They show us a picture of the temple and testify of its eternal blessings.

Tresor I., age 7, Congo