Abish Was a Missionary

    “Abish Was a Missionary,” Liahona, June 2016, 74

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    Abish Was a Missionary

    Abish was a missionary

    Abish’s father taught her to believe in Jesus Christ. In her city, not many people believed in Jesus. After Ammon came to her people and taught King Lamoni, Abish knew that Heavenly Father wanted her to share the gospel with the people. She was finally able to tell everyone about Jesus.

    “Abish and the Queen,” by Marley D., age 6, Washington, USA

    Once our family made a mission plan. We decided what each of us was going to do. I decided to give my second-grade teacher a Book of Mormon. When I gave it to her, she said, “Thanks, Adam. I like to read.” I’m really glad we could do a family mission plan.

    Adam W., age 8, Utah, USA