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    “Our Page,” Liahona, March 2016, 71

    Our Page

    Liahona Magazine, 2016/03 Mar

    The Primary music director taught us a song that teaches that Jesus Christ is my example. I learned that I must follow His divine example of obedience. When I obey, God blesses me. If we follow Jesus’s example in obeying our parents, He will bless us.

    Marcha M., age 7, Kananga, Democratic Republic of the Congo

    I built a model of the Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Temple with toy bricks.

    Daniel U., age 11, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    For my birthday I got a kitten and named her Luz. One day I had an experience that worried me. My cat always goes out to the sidewalk and returns, but one morning she went out, and I didn’t see her. Soon it occurred to me to pray, as it says in Alma 37:37: “Counsel with the Lord in all your doings, and he will direct thee for good.”

    When I finished my prayer, I heard the rattle of her collar. I opened the door and saw my cat standing there, waiting to come in. I was amazed and very grateful that our Heavenly Father listens to us even in the smallest things.

    Bianca R., age 11, Santa Fe, Argentina

    Gabriel A., age 10, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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