One Step Closer to Easter

    “One Step Closer to Easter,” Liahona, March 2016, 72–73

    One Step Closer to Easter

    Liahona Magazine, 2016/03 Mar

    Each week this month, you and your family can learn more about Jesus and His Resurrection. He lives!

    Activity for Week 1: Jesus Came to Jerusalem

    Scriptures: Matthew 21:1, 6–11

    Song: “Easter Hosanna” (Liahona, Apr. 2003; available at LDS.org)

    Hosanna Palm: Make a palm leaf to remind you of the ones people waved to greet Jesus. Cut five or six handprints out of green paper (or use white paper and color them green). Glue them to a craft stick.

    What is one way you can show your love for Jesus?

    Week 2: Jesus Gave Us the Sacrament

    Scriptures: Luke 22:1, 14, 19–20

    Song: “In Humility, Our Savior” (Hymns, no. 172)

    Sacrament Reminder: Make a list of words to remind you of the things Jesus has done for us. Put your list in your scriptures where you can look at it during the sacrament.

    How can you remember Jesus at home or at school?


    Week 3: Jesus Showed Kindness

    Scriptures: Luke 22:47–51; Luke 23:33–34; John 19:25–27

    Song: “He Sent His Son” (Children’s Songbook, 34)

    Easter Bag: Put these items in a bag to open on Easter Sunday. You’ll find out what to do with them in next week’s activity:

    (1) three coins, (2) small cup, (3) knotted string, (4) soap, (5) small piece of red fabric, (6) small toothpick cross, (7) white cloth, (8) cinnamon stick or other spice, (9) small stone, (10) folded white cloth, (11) picture of Jesus.

    How can you follow Jesus by showing kindness?

    Week 4: He Lives Again!

    Song: “Did Jesus Really Live Again?” (Children’s Songbook, 64)

    Scriptures and Activity: As you read these scriptures, take the matching items out of your Easter Bag.

    (1) Matthew 26:14–15; (2) Matthew 26:36, 39; (3) Matthew 27:1–2; (4) Matthew 27:22, 24; (5) Matthew 27:28–29; (6) Matthew 27:31; (7) Matthew 27:59; (8) John 19:40; (9) John 20:1–4; (10) John 20:5–7; (11) John 20:10–20

    How does knowing about Jesus’s Resurrection make you feel glad?

    Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, by Harry Anderson; illustrations by Thomas Child