Seminary Is Worth It!
September 2015

“Seminary Is Worth It!” Liahona, September 2015, 60–61

Seminary Is Worth It!

It might require some sacrifice, but these youth know what a blessing seminary can be.

young man

What’s one thing Latter-day Saint youth all over the world have in common? They are seminary students! Youth attend seminary in many different ways. Some wake up at 5:00 a.m. to go before school, while others attend in between their regular school classes. On rare occasions, some students go on the weekends or use Skype to participate.

Regardless of whether they are sacrificing sleep or weekend football games, over 390,000 youth worldwide cheerfully participate in seminary. Here’s what they have to say about the blessings of seminary:

young man

“I don’t think of it as getting an hour less sleep; I think of it as an hour to prepare myself spiritually.”

Megan C., 17, California, USA

“Because of seminary, my testimony has been strengthened greatly, and I have a surer knowledge of the scriptures. My testimony of the Savior’s sacrifice in Gethsemane is stronger because of seminary.”

Vina C., 17, Hong Kong, China

“Seminary is the one constant place where I can feel the Spirit. In my home I am the only active member, but my parents are very supportive. Because of seminary, I am growing so much.”

Amanda L., 17, Utah, USA

“Seminary grounds you for what’s going on during the day. If I think that bad thoughts are coming on, I can think about the seminary lesson. It expands beyond seminary.”

Eric G., 15, Ipswich, England

“It’s really important to go to seminary because we can learn more about our Church and build up our relationship with Heavenly Father. The reason I like seminary is that I can know more about the history of the Church and really know that the gospel is true and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do love me!”

Breck M., 17, Kentucky, USA

“Even though you may not want to get up that early in the morning, you’re filled with this special spirit a little bit more every day. Your peers notice that about you, and sometimes it makes them want to know more about why you’re like that.”

Karen K., 18, Maine, USA