Our Women Leaders

    “Our Women Leaders,” Liahona, September 2015, 67–68

    Our Women Leaders

    Liahona Magazine, 2015/09 Sep
    Liahona Magazine, 2015/09 Sep

    These women are wives, mothers, and grandmothers. Here are some other fun things about them!

    Sister Linda K. Burton

    General President of the Relief Society

    Burton, Linda K.
    • Loved roller-skating, hopscotch, kickball, and neighborhood games as a child.

    • Was called as a Primary music director while living in New Zealand as a teen.

    • Studied in college to become an elementary school teacher.

    Sister Carole M. Stephens

    First Counselor Relief Society General Presidency

    Stephens, Carole M.
    • Was sealed to her parents when she was five, after her mom was baptized and her dad started coming to church again.

    • Sang in choirs and was captain of a drill team called the Bonnie Lassies.

    • Taught seminary and loves religion classes. Met her husband at institute.

    Sister Linda S. Reeves

    Second Counselor Relief Society General Presidency

    Reeves, Linda S.
    • Grew up playing in the banana trees in her backyard with her four younger brothers.

    • Loves swimming and reading books to her grandchildren.

    • Loves to read the Book of Mormon and stories about Jesus.

    Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson

    General President of the Young Women

    Oscarson, Bonnie Lee Green
    • As a child, loved reading under the apricot trees and climbing trees with her two older brothers.

    • Was art editor of high school magazine and studied literature and graphic design in college.

    • Lived in eight different U.S. states and in Sweden twice!

    Sister Carol F. McConkie

    First Counselor Young Women General Presidency

    McConkie, Carol Louise Foley
    • Liked reading in the farmhouse attic when she wasn’t working or playing in the orchards and fields.

    • Spent a summer in France as a teen.

    • In college, was a student teacher in a high school English class.

    Sister Neill F. Marriott

    Second Counselor Young Women General Presidency

    Marriott, Neill Foote
    • Liked horseback riding as a child, and rode in the local rodeo parade.

    • Was baptized when she was 22 years old.

    • First job was working in a library. Later, loved reading bedtime stories to her 11 children.

    Sister Rosemary M. Wixom

    General President of the Primary

    Wixom, Rosemary M.
    • Sometimes switched with her twin sister to trick people!

    • Taught third grade after graduating from college.

    • Loved learning about geography and now visits some countries she dreamed of visiting.

    Sister Cheryl A. Esplin

    First Counselor Primary General Presidency

    Esplin, Cheryl A.
    • Put out a fire and saved her brother from being badly burned on their farm in Wyoming, USA.

    • Liked reading and playing sports, especially basketball.

    • Taught school for two years after graduating from college.

    Sister Mary R. Durham

    Second Counselor, Primary General Presidency

    Durham, Mary R.
    • Learned not to take dares when she got her tongue stuck on cold metal.

    • Studied dance in college.

    • As a mother, was like a nurse, teacher, baker, and gardener, and had her own tool bag to fix things!