Heavenly Father Answers My Prayers
July 2015

“Heavenly Father Answers My Prayers,” Liahona, July 2015, 70

Heavenly Father Answers My Prayers

answers prayers

There have been many times that Heavenly Father has heard and answered my prayers. My first memory of this happening was when I was four. I had lost the blocks I wanted to play with. So I went to my room and knelt down to pray. I asked Heavenly Father to help me find my toys. My prayer was immediately answered—I found the blocks in the next room.

One of the most important times I had a prayer answered was with my whole family. A few months after my cousin Christian finished his mission, he was driving late at night on a mountain canyon road. He and another car crashed into each other. The other driver was fine, but my cousin was taken to the hospital by helicopter.

Christian had serious injuries all over his whole body. He went into a coma, and the doctors didn’t think he would wake up. Our family decided to fast. My parents, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all my cousins took turns fasting for Christian. I fasted on a school day. I had to explain to my teacher and classmates why I wasn’t eating lunch that day. I really didn’t mind going without food for a day because I was fasting for my cousin.

Heavenly Father answered our prayers, and Christian eventually woke up from his coma. He still doesn’t have his full abilities back, but he has made some progress. I know Christian has a long recovery ahead of him. We still pray for him. Anything is possible with Heavenly Father’s help.