Keeping a Record
July 2015

“Keeping a Record,” Liahona, July 2015, 6


Keeping a Record

President Uchtdorf compares our day to the times of the pioneers. While you may not have crossed the plains, you are more like the pioneers than you may think! You also can show compassion, hard work, and optimism. And just as we know that the pioneers demonstrated these qualities because of the records they kept, your posterity can get to know you through your journal too.

Take a few minutes to record a little about yourself in your journal. You can write about spiritual things, like how you gained your testimony or overcame challenges with Heavenly Father’s help. You can also help your great-great-grandchildren (who might read your journal someday!) to know what your daily life was like. What projects are you doing in school? What does your room look like? What’s your favorite memory of your family?

As you begin writing a little bit every day, you will not only be able to see more clearly how Heavenly Father helps you through your daily life, just as He guided the pioneers, but you will also be leaving a legacy for your own future posterity.