An Unexpected Interview Question

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“An Unexpected Interview Question,” Liahona, June 2015, 52

An Unexpected Interview Question

Alvin A., Philippines

After my mission I struggled to find work. Eventually I received an interview. The position would be a great opportunity, but I worried I was not skilled enough. My turn for the interview came, and I sat nervously in front of the manager. As I glanced at his table, I saw a paper with the questions he was asking applicants. My heart pounded. The questions used difficult terminology.

The manager found my résumé and started asking about my work experience. When he read “full-time missionary,” he asked if I could tell him what I taught on my mission.

I talked with him about prophets, the plan of salvation, and eternal families. He smiled and said, “I want you to come and meet my family.”

He again grabbed the paper with the interview questions. My nervous feelings returned. He asked, “Do you have a place to stay here in Manila?” He didn’t wait for my response and said, “Well, you need to look for one. You’ll start tomorrow.”

It was a miracle. I’ll never forget how serving a mission helped me in my job interview.