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“Our Page,” Liahona, June 2015, 70

Our Page

our page

I couldn’t wait for the day I would be baptized. Last year, when I turned eight, my father, my mother, my family, and my friends from church were at my baptism. It was such a great experience for me. It was wonderful to know that heaven was celebrating my decision to be baptized and become a disciple of Jesus Christ. When we get baptized, we make a covenant with Heavenly Father. I know that He was pleased with my decision because it was right and worthy.

Saríah Z., age 8, Honduras

I painted Helaman’s warriors on my T-shirt. I want to be faithful, courageous, and obedient to God’s commandments, just like them!

Z. Yu-en, age 6, Taiwan

This is my family at the temple.

Sherriza T., age 8, Mexico

We love when our parents take us to the temple because it’s a beautiful place and we feel closer to God when we’re there.

Nephi and Bryan V., ages 6 and 9, Ecuador