Serving Now to Serve Later
October 2014

“Serving Now to Serve Later,” Liahona, October 2014, 66–67

Serving Now to Serve Later

The author lives in Utah, USA.

“Serve the Lord with all your heart” (1 Samuel 12:20).

illustration of boy cleaning

“I’ll race you to the church!” Mórmon said, pointing to the church steeple poking out above the palm trees. Then he ran as fast as he could to stay ahead of his younger brother, Morian.

The boys and their parents had already walked about a mile from their home, but Mórmon and Morian were still racing hard when they reached the metal gate outside their ward meetinghouse. They stopped to catch their breath.

Before they could decide who won, a boy called out to them, “Want to play futebol?”

Mórmon loved futebol, but he and his family were going to clean the ward building so it would be ready for church the next day.

Mórmon shook his head. “Not now—maybe later!” he called back.

Soon Mórmon and Morian were working hard. Mórmon moved chairs and swept floors with his dad while Morian mopped floors with his mom.

Later the boys were washing mirrors in the bathroom together. “I didn’t think I’d like cleaning the church, but it’s fun,” Morian said. “What about you, Mórmon? Is that why you came instead of playing futebol?”

Mórmon thought about his dad. He was the bishop of their ward, but he still took time to help clean the meetinghouse.

“I’m here because I want to be like Dad,” Mórmon said.

Then he thought about the missionaries in his ward. They were busy knocking on doors and sharing the Book of Mormon with others. They would invite people to come to church at the building the boys were cleaning.

“I’m here because someday I want to serve a mission too,” Mórmon thought. “I can help the missionaries by getting the church ready.”

Mórmon thought about tomorrow, when he and his brother would get up at 6:00 a.m., walk to church in their white shirts and ties, and prepare the chairs and songbooks in the Primary room.

“I’m here because I want to serve in a Church calling,” he thought.

Mórmon thought about how he would soon be a deacon. He would pass the sacrament and do many other things to serve.

“I’m here because next year I will receive the priesthood, and I want to do everything I can now to get ready.”

Mórmon had already done something to prepare for the priesthood: he had earned his Faith in God Award. He was already learning to live the gospel and serve others.

Finally he looked at his brother’s reflection in the mirror and smiled.

“I’m here because I love the Lord,” he said, “and because serving now will help me get ready to serve later.”