Mathilde Gets Ready for Young Women
October 2014

“Mathilde Gets Ready for Young Women,” Liahona, October 2014, 68–69

Mathilde Gets Ready for Young Women

picture of young girl

Mathilde was excited about going into Young Women soon, but she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. So she talked to her grandma. Her grandma is Sister Bonnie Oscarson, the Young Women general president. She had some great advice to share!

Ask your mom or grandma or one of the women in your ward what they remember about Young Women. You might find out some fun things.

Then …

When Sister Oscarson was in Young Women, she earned badges by completing different achievements. She sewed them onto a special cloth band, along with a flower that represents faithfulness.

…and Now

This necklace will remind you to be a light for others and to stand for truth and righteousness.

You’ll also earn ribbons by completing Personal Progress experiences and projects.

Then you’ll receive the Young Women medallion.

New Beginnings

Mathilde went to a special activity called New Beginnings. They had a fun lesson and learned about Personal Progress.

Mathilde is also working on her Faith in God Award and memorizing the Articles of Faith.

A Special Memory

Mathilde and lots of her cousins were in the Conference Center on April 6, 2013. But they didn’t know why their grandma had invited them all to come to general conference. They were surprised and excited when she was sustained as the president of the Young Women organization!