Will’s Great Idea
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“Will’s Great Idea,” Liahona, June 2014, 78–79

For Young Children

Will’s Great Idea

The author lives in Pennsylvania, USA.

Will wanted a picture of the temple. He wanted to put it in his room. He had heard the prophet say it would be a fine thing for everyone to have one.

“Mom, did you get me a picture of the temple yet?” Will asked.

“Not yet,” Mom said. She was busy taking care of the new baby.

“OK,” Will said.

Will loved the temple. He knew it is a special place where families are sealed together.

Will felt a little bit sad. Mom was too busy. How could he get a picture of the temple?

Then Will had a great idea. He didn’t need to wait for Mom!

Will ran to find his crayons and some paper. Then he sat down at the desk and started to draw.

After a long time, Will put down his crayons. He ran into the kitchen and held his picture up to show Mom.

“What a beautiful picture of the temple,” Mom said.

“Let’s go hang it in my bedroom,” William said.

“That’s a great idea!” Mom said.

Friend Magazine, 2014/06 Jun

Illustration by Thomas S. Child