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“Our Page,” Liahona, June 2014, 76–77

Our Page

Merari C., age 11, El Salvador

Missionaries, by Maria Clara A., age 9, Brazil

Paulo and Carlo D., age 10, from the Philippines, are twin brothers. They are eager to be old enough to receive the priesthood and pass the sacrament. They love to teach others about the gospel, and they are already preparing to serve missions. Carlo tells everyone he knows about the living prophet, and Paulo likes to take his Book of Mormon to school and read it with his classmates. They know that it is important to read the scriptures every day and to go to church on Sunday. Carlo and Paulo speak two languages fluently—Tagalog and Ilokano—and they are learning English in school. They love to play basketball with their friends.

One day at school my friends dared me to shout a bad word in an empty classroom. When I said no, they teased me and made fun of me. Then I said yes, and I said the word softly and quickly. Then I was very sorry for what I had done. That night I prayed with all of my heart and repented of saying the bad word. I know I can always turn to Heavenly Father to know what is right, and if something is wrong, I will say no, even if my friends tell me to do it. I am grateful for repentance!

Paola L., age 10, Mexico

Trying to Be Like Jesus

At my school we had been preparing since the beginning of the year for a great activity called Festidanza. Just like every year, it would be held on a Saturday. Then one day our director announced that it would be changed to Sunday. I told my mother that on Sundays we go to church, and I am happy to honor the Sabbath day.

Isaías R., age 6, Peru

The best experience of my life was the day I was baptized. My mom taught me that once I was baptized, I would be responsible for all my actions. The day arrived, and my dad and I were both dressed in white. I was nervous, but when I took my dad’s hand to get into the font, I knew everything would be fine. When my dad said the baptism prayer and put me under the water, I felt beautiful things in my heart that are hard to explain. Then I was confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. I am so happy that I was baptized. Just as Jesus Christ set an example for me, I am setting an example for my little brother. I know Jesus Christ lives and loves us.

Richard H., age 8, Guatemala

Agustina B., age 10, Argentina

Marianella B., age 7, Argentina

I love the children’s section in the Liahona because the stories help me learn about Heavenly Father. I always ask my mother to read me the stories. I love puzzles, mazes, painting, and telling stories. I like to learn new things in Primary. I know that Heavenly Father loves me, and He loves you too. I try to always remember Him and choose the right.

Jocelyn C., age 4, Nicaragua

Ever since I was little, I have wanted to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. When I have the priesthood, I will be able to pass the sacrament, and the doors of the temple will be open to me. It is a wonderful privilege to belong to this restored Church, and I know the gospel is true. Soon I will leave Primary, where I have learned so much, and join the battalion of youth in Young Men.

Santiago P., age 11, Ecuador

Santiago and his younger brother, Jairo

“And a being appeared before me, whose robe was the whitest I ever saw. His name was Moroni.” (See Joseph Smith—History 1:30–33.)

Erick H., age 9, Mexico