The Family Is Central to Heavenly Father’s Plan

“The Family Is Central to Heavenly Father’s Plan,” Liahona, April 2014, 70–71

Bringing Primary Home

The Family Is Central to Heavenly Father’s Plan

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Friend Magazine, 2014/04 Apr

Misha loved building towers out of blocks, but she sometimes got frustrated when the blocks toppled to the ground. Then she learned a secret. When she used more blocks at the bottom of her tower, it gave her tower a stronger foundation. It took patience and practice, but soon she could build towers that didn’t fall down so easily.

Just like Misha learned to build stronger towers, we can learn to build a stronger family. Families are a very important part of Heavenly Father’s plan for us. Before we were born, we lived as spirit sons and daughters of Heavenly Father. When it was time for us to come to earth, He planned for us to come to families. He wants our families to protect us, teach us, and help us return to Him.

We can work to give our family a stronger foundation. We can practice serving and helping each other. We can listen to and speak kindly to each other. We can pray and study the scriptures together. We can work together and spend time together doing things we enjoy. With patience and practice, we can build a stronger family.