Moving the Rock
April 2014

“Moving the Rock,” Liahona, April 2014, 73

Moving the Rock

From “Drawing Closer to God,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2013, 105.

Elder Terence M. Vinson
Moving the Rock

Once a young boy was trying to smooth out the dirt area behind his house so he could play there with his toy cars. There was a large rock blocking his work. The boy pushed and pulled with all his might. But no matter how hard he tried, the rock wouldn’t budge.

His father watched for a while. Then he came to his son and said, “You need to use all your strength to move a rock this large.”

The boy answered, “I have used all my strength!”

His father corrected him: “No, you haven’t. You haven’t had my help yet!”

They then bent down together and moved the rock easily.

The Lord wants us to rely on Him in solving our problems. Then we can feel His love more constantly, more powerfully, more clearly, and more personally. We become united with Him, and we can become like Him.

What are some things that are very hard for you to do?

How can you ask for Heavenly Father’s help in doing hard things?

Who else can you ask for help?