The Earth Was Created for Heavenly Father’s Children
February 2013

“The Earth Was Created for Heavenly Father’s Children,” Liahona, Feb. 2013, 66–67

Bringing Primary Home

The Earth Was Created for Heavenly Father’s Children

You can use this lesson and activity to learn more about this month’s Primary theme.

“Wow!” Ana said. “Look at all the stars.” Everyone in Ana’s family looked up from the campfire. It seemed like there were millions of stars in the dark sky.

“Just think,” Mom said, “each of those stars is one of Heavenly Father’s creations.”

“Let’s each name one of our favorite things that Heavenly Father has created for us,” Dad suggested.

“I know,” Daniel said quickly. “I like those huge waves we saw at the ocean last year.”

Ana didn’t know what to choose. She thought about the warm sun, the bright moon, and sweet-smelling flowers. Then she remembered how much she loved all kinds of soft, furry animals. “Animals!” she said.

Ana started to shiver, so Dad wrapped a blanket around her. “After Heavenly Father created all these beautiful things for His children, He saw that they were good,” Dad said.

Ana had a warm, happy feeling inside. She pulled the blanket up to her chin and looked back up at the stars. “Thank you, Heavenly Father,” she whispered.

Illustrations by Bradley Clark