Our Page
February 2013

“Our Page,” Liahona, Feb. 2013, 64

Our Page

Liza P., age 7, Russia

I love the stories in the Book of Mormon about Nephi—especially the ones about when he goes into the wilderness with his family and when he builds a boat.

Saúl T., age 11, Mexico

Once my brother and I traveled on a bus with our aunt to her home for a week’s holiday. My father gave us a blessing before we left. After a while, a man who was also on the bus asked to get off. While the driver’s assistant was helping him with his luggage, a whisper told me softly, “Your luggage has been stolen.” I looked out, and our luggage had indeed been taken off the bus and hidden in the grass. I cried out that it was our luggage and not the man’s. I know it was the Holy Ghost who spoke to me, and I was so grateful.

Vaniala R., age 10, Madagascar

Josheline and Camila C., ages 5 and 2, from Bolivia, like going to church to learn about Heavenly Father. They get ready for church quickly and help their parents hurry to get there on time. They like to pray, and they love their Primary classes.

Tomas P., age 5, Argentina

Missionary, by Emilia A., age 11, Finland

Fidel N., age 11, Democratic Republic of the Congo