Church Implements New Youth Curriculum for 2013

“Church Implements New Youth Curriculum for 2013,” Liahona, Jan. 2013, 78

Church Implements New Youth Curriculum for 2013

Beginning this month, teachers and leaders throughout the Church will begin fully implementing the new youth curriculum, Come, Follow Me: Learning Resources for Youth, first announced in a September First Presidency letter.

At lds.org/youth/learn, Young Women, Aaronic Priesthood, and Sunday School teachers and leaders can find lessons in 23 languages. All lessons are printable. Those without Internet access should contact their local priesthood leader to find out how Come, Follow Me will be implemented in their area.

“The new curriculum integrates basic gospel doctrines as well as principles for teaching in the Savior’s way,” the First Presidency letter reads. “We are confident [it] will bless the youth in their efforts to become fully converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

In Come, Follow Me, each month of the year is assigned a doctrinal topic, and all Sunday School, Young Women, and Aaronic Priesthood classes will study that topic that month.

Each lesson has four sections: spiritual preparation for teachers, ideas to introduce the topic, specific activity ideas, and a section to invite the youth to act. Teachers are asked to seek inspiration in choosing and adapting lessons based on the needs of their students.

The web site also includes helpful videos that explain how to implement the new curriculum, ideas for preparing engaging learning activities, and a new guidebook, Teaching the Gospel in the Savior’s Way.