Heavenly Father Loves Me, and He Has a Plan for Me

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“Heavenly Father Loves Me, and He Has a Plan for Me,” Liahona, Jan. 2013, 68–69

Bringing Primary Home

Heavenly Father Loves Me, and He Has a Plan for Me

You can use this lesson and activity to learn more about this month’s Primary theme.

The smell of baking cookies filled the air as Nataniel helped Grandma scoop dough onto cookie sheets. Grandma smiled at him. “Who loves you?” she asked.

Nataniel thought about how Grandma always made his favorite kind of cookies and kept paper on hand because she knew he liked to draw. “You do,” he answered.

“That’s right,” Grandma said. “I’ve known you longer than anyone besides your mom and dad. But there’s someone else who has known you even longer than I have.”

“Who else?” Nataniel asked.

“Someone who loved you before you came to earth,” Grandma said.

“Oh,” Nataniel said. “You mean Heavenly Father.”

“Yes,” Grandma said, giving Nataniel a hug.

He smiled. Knowing he was loved made him feel warm inside.

This year in sharing time, you will learn more about the wonderful truth that you are a child of God. Heavenly Father knows and loves you. He has a plan to help you come back to live with Him someday.

Illustrations by Becky Fawson; left: inset by Phyllis Luch