Our Page

“Our Page,” Liahona, July 2012, 69

Our Page

Alina A., age 7, Ukraine

My Family, by Lucas O., age 5, Brazil

Temple, by Scherryan P., age 10, Samoa

Eugene Y., age 12, from Malaysia, likes to play Chinese chess with his grandfather. In his free time he also likes to play basketball and badminton with his friends. He loves to make new friends and listen to Chinese songs.

We Know He Lives and Loves Us

We read the scriptures and study the teachings of Jesus Christ with our parents every evening. When we hear Church leaders speak in conference and quote stories from the scriptures, we recognize the teachings because we have studied them in our family. We understand the importance of daily scripture study. We know we are Heavenly Father’s children, that He lives, and that He and Jesus Christ love us.

Thomas A., age 8; Aaron A., age 6; and Cecilia A., age 10, Argentina

I Like to Set Goals

I made a pillow with a picture of Jesus Christ because it was one of my goals. I am thankful that I was baptized. I like to keep a notebook where I can write down my goals. I like to do things, and I watch my mother and always do what she does.

Miriam C., age 8, Mexico