Are You Going to Bear Your Testimony?
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“Are You Going to Bear Your Testimony?” Liahona, July 2012, 40

Are You Going to Bear Your Testimony?

LaReina Hingson, Indiana, USA

I recently had the opportunity to attend sacrament meeting in another state with Church members I did not know. To make conversation with the brother next to me, I asked if he was planning to bear his testimony when the time came. He said yes and then asked, “Are you?”

“No, probably not,” I answered. Then I added, “But the Church is true, and the gospel is true.”

I soon forgot about our short conversation. When the opportunity for testimony bearing began, we were encouraged to keep our time short so that many could have the opportunity to share their testimonies. When the brother I had talked to got up and shared his testimony, he acknowledged that there was not enough time to share all he wanted to about the gospel and the happiness it brings. Instead, he shared the words of his conversation with me, someone he had just met, and how my simple statement summed up everything: the Church is true, and the gospel is true. That’s what is important.

Reflecting on that experience, I understand that we can bear our testimonies in many ways, and we can have a positive influence on others in just a short time. No matter how briefly we interact with someone, we can leave a positive impression of the gospel and ourselves.

I did not bear my testimony on the stand that day, but my short testimony was shared and my influence felt both by the brother I talked with and by those who heard his testimony.