In the Middle of Your Preparation for a Mission

“In the Middle of Your Preparation for a Mission,” Liahona, July 2012, 6


In the Middle of Your Preparation for a Mission

President Uchtdorf tells missionaries to think of themselves as being in the middle of their missions. You can also apply this idea to your mission preparation: whether you are 12 or 18, you can prepare to serve a mission.

What are some things you can do “in the middle” of your mission preparation?

  • Always be worthy to attend the temple.

  • Learn to recognize promptings from the Holy Ghost by writing down your promptings and acting on them.

  • Pray for the missionaries.

  • Ask the missionaries in your area what they recommend you do to prepare to serve a mission.

  • Learn to manage your time effectively, including important activities such as service, scripture study, and journal writing.

  • When talking with a family member, share a scripture that inspired you recently. Explain what you think about the scripture.

  • Ask your friends about their religions and what they believe. Be willing to share your beliefs. Invite them to church or activities.

As you recognize that you are in the middle of your mission preparation, you can live your life to be more worthy of the Lord’s trust and the Spirit’s companionship.

The Lord’s Harvest, by Marilee B. Campbell