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“Our Page,” Liahona, Mar. 2012, 62

Our Page

Nastya L., age 12, Ukraine

Tina M., age 10, Congo

The Spirit Caused My Heart to Burn

I love going to church. I feel the Spirit there. One day in Primary we talked about the modern prophets. Later I was watching the movie Legacy at home, and I liked the story of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Watching the scene when a man gives the news of the Prophet’s death, I felt really sad. Then the Spirit caused my heart to burn, and I felt that Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God and that he restored the true Church.

In January I was at the temple in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with many of my family members. I felt so much peace and happiness that I did not want to go home when it was time to go.

I know that Heavenly Father lives and loves us, that Jesus is the way to return to Him, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.

Aron C., age 10, Colombia

Paying Tithing Makes Me Happy

I help my father clean our house, and I receive money every month for helping. Instead of spending all my money, I set aside 10 percent for tithing and give it to the bishop. I feel good after I pay my tithing because I know the money goes to take care of the chapel and to buy books and many other things. I know that Jesus Christ gave us everything, and when we pay tithing, we give back to Him. I feel happy when I pay my tithing.

Nicholas P., age 5, Brazil

I love to go to the temple, and I can’t wait until I turn 12 so I can receive the priesthood and go to the temple to perform baptisms for the dead.

Humberto V., age 11, Mexico