Family Home Evening Ideas

    “Family Home Evening Ideas,” Liahona, March 2011, 78

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    This issue contains articles and activities that could be used for family home evening. The following are a few examples.

    “Separated by a Flood, United by Prayer,” page 14: After reading the article, you may wish to emphasize the principles of prayer by reading together Alma 34:18–27. Invite family members to share experiences when their prayers have been answered.

    “The Healer’s Art,” page 18: After reading and discussing sections of the article, you could invite your family to sing “Lord, I Would Follow Thee” (Hymns, no. 220). As a family, talk about positive ways you could react if someone were to offend you. Discuss how understanding and applying the Atonement in your life can “heal wounded hearts, misunderstandings, and hatred.”

    “Teaching the Doctrine of the Family,” page 32: While sharing Julie B. Beck’s message, invite family members to discuss the importance of the doctrine of the family. Discuss the threats to the family and how these can be overcome through faith. Help resolve any concerns or hesitancy your children may have about starting their own families at the appropriate time.

    “Count Your Blessings,” page 62: Before reading this article as a family, place objects around the room that remind you of your blessings. These might include clothing, food, scriptures, art of the Savior, photos of your family, and so on. Invite your family to look for these “blessings” and share why they are thankful for them. You might invite family members to list things they are grateful for and suggest they review the list occasionally.

    Family Home Evening Away from Home

    Three of my children are studying away from home right now, so we share family home evening through the Internet. I send them e-mails telling them about the spiritual experiences we have at home and the lessons we share from the Liahona or the scriptures—especially the Book of Mormon. If a week goes by and I forget to write, they all say, “Mom! Please! We miss family home evening.” By sharing with us in this way, they have been able to strengthen us even though they’re not here physically.

    I believe that family home evening is an inspired program because it helps us build a foundation on the solid rock of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Family home evening also helps us achieve what the Lord wants for us—that we can be a family that is together forever.

    Norma Leticia Treviño de Taylor, Nuevo León, Mexico