“Comment,” Liahona, March 2011, 78


    Loves the Posters

    The Liahona is always so interesting! Because it invites us to contribute in so many ways, I identify more with it and feel more a part of it. I love the posters. I frame them and hang them in my office. Thank you for all your efforts.

    Bertha Viola Retiz Espino, Mexico

    Members Keep Increasing

    We, the members of the Abuakwa Branch in Ghana, recently celebrated our one-year anniversary as a branch. We started with 50 in attendance at sacrament meeting, and now we have 128 attending. We love our leaders. We read and study the Liahona, we buy extra copies for converts and others who do not have them, and our membership keeps increasing every day. We know the Book of Mormon is true.

    Christopher Pidoal, Ghana

    An Anchor in a Stormy Sea

    How thankful I am to have the Liahona in my home! It is a source of power. One day when my mind was bombarded with unclean thoughts, I immersed myself in the Liahona, and those thoughts departed from me. The Liahona helped me clean my thoughts and served as an anchor for safety in a stormy sea.

    Victorino F. Dela Cruz Jr., Philippines