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“Our Space,” Liahona, Dec. 2010, 49

Our Space

Standards: A Burden or a Blessing?

Those who say Church standards are restrictions probably know some Church members who carry the standards as a burden, not as an advantage in life. If you want your friends to know that your standards make you free from addictions, then live a happy life and try to show the joy you have through a healthy body, mind, and heart. We teach by example, not by words only. Show them the blessings of standards by the way you use your agency for good things.

Patience O. (right), age 19, France

Finding a Friend

I have always believed in the power of prayer. When I first moved to Asia, I had to wait for two months to start school until a new semester began. Although I enjoyed spending time with my family, I wanted a good friend with the same beliefs as I have. I eventually met all of my neighbors, and although some were the same age as me, they didn’t have the same standards.

When I was able to go to school, I met a lot of kids my age and made some friends. One time some friends and I went out for dinner. After dinner some of my friends left, but the rest still wanted to do something and decided they wanted to go and drink. They invited me, but I told them no. I felt even more lonesome. I went home that night and prayed to find a good friend.

A few weeks later I went out to dinner with some friends again, making it clear I wouldn’t drink with them. After dinner all but one other person left to go drinking. We started to talk and found that we had the same standards—standards we kept by personal choice.

I know that Heavenly Father always answers prayers.

Jordan H., age 17, Texas, USA

My Favorite Scripture

Moses 1:39

Every time I remember this verse, I remind myself that if I do my part in this world (which is to follow the commandments of the Lord), I will be rewarded with the gifts the Lord has promised me.

Roland D. (above), age 17, Pangasinan, Philippines

Photograph of chopsticks © Getty Images; Moses and the Tablets, by Jerry Harston © IRI