“Comment,” Liahona, Dec. 2010, 79


    Liahona Changes Things

    I want to thank you for the messages that come in the Liahona every month. They are very helpful; they help me make every day better. Whenever I get discouraged and think life is too hard, I read a message from the Liahona and everything changes. Thank you for all you do—for me and for many others.

    Edgar Celestino, Texas, USA

    Keeping in Touch Online

    I was baptized in 1990 and have always attended my Church meetings. But recently I was sent to another country as a peacekeeper, and for now I cannot attend any meetings. My way of staying in contact with the Church is to read the magazines online. This has been a great inspiration to me. I feel the Spirit strongly as I read the words of our prophet and other Church leaders. I miss partaking of the sacrament, but I know Heavenly Father understands my circumstances. Thank you for the magazines online.

    Olukunbi Orimoloye, Nigeria

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