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“More Online,” Liahona, Sept. 2010, 3

More Online


For Adults

In “Our Senior Missionaries” (page 18), Elder Kent D. Watson writes about senior couples, who “perform wonderful miracles in establishing and strengthening the Church.” To learn more about the current senior missionary opportunities, visit www.lds.org/csm/index.html (in English).

If you enjoy reading “Finding the Lord in Tonga” (page 28), you can see more photos of Tongan Latter-day Saints at www.liahona.lds.org.

For Youth

Several articles in this issue mention the missionary handbook Preach My Gospel. It is available online in many languages at www.preachmygospel.lds.org.

For Children

Find several children’s activities online at www.liahona.lds.org.

In Your Language

The Liahona and other Church materials are available in many languages at www.languages.lds.org.