I Obey Jesus Christ Because I Love Him
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“I Obey Jesus Christ Because I Love Him,” Liahona, Sept. 2010, 62–63

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I Obey Jesus Christ Because I Love Him

You can feel the Savior’s love for you through the Holy Ghost. When do you feel the Savior’s love? When you are saying your prayers or reading the scriptures or singing a Primary song? Do you feel His love when you take the sacrament? What happens when you feel this love? Is your heart warm? Do you feel peaceful? Feeling the Savior’s love makes us want to show our love for Him.

This month’s scripture teaches us that we can show our love for God by keeping His commandments. In your scripture journal, write down some of the commandments you know how to keep. When we keep the commandments to show our love for God, He blesses us to feel His love even more.

September 2010 Scripture Journal

Read John 14:15.

Pray to Heavenly Father to help you show your love to Him by obedience.

Memorize John 14:15 and repeat it to others.

Choose one of these activities or create your own:

  • Help someone else memorize John 14:15.

  • The Ten Commandments are found in Exodus 20:3–17. Read those verses; then fill in the stones on page 63 with a drawing or a few words to describe each commandment. Set a goal to keep one of the commandments more diligently during the next week.

  • Talk to your parents or Primary teacher about when they have felt the Holy Ghost and known that the Savior loves them.

  • Remember the times you have felt the Savior’s love and write about them in your journal.

How does what you have done help you understand John 14:15?

Write in your journal or draw a picture about what you have done.

commandments tablets

Illustration by Scott Greer

Left: illustration by James Johnson