Members Join in U.S. Flood Relief

“Members Join in U.S. Flood Relief,” Liahona, June 2009, N7

Members Join in U.S. Flood Relief

After historic flooding in western Washington State, USA, in early January 2009, members and missionaries helped clean up the damage. Floodwaters destroyed more than 100 homes, damaged more than 2,000 others, and temporarily closed two main freeways, but no one was seriously injured or killed.

The high water levels destroyed one member’s house and flooded several others. No Church buildings were damaged in the floods.

Floods covered two major freeways, I-5 and I-90. The freeways closed until water levels dropped.

Fifteen counties in western Washington were declared a disaster zone. Church members in the Selah, Longview, and Centralia Washington Stakes joined local cleanup crews. Missionaries helped sandbag and clean up the flooded areas.