General Conference Now Available on CD, DVD in Spanish

“General Conference Now Available on CD, DVD in Spanish,” Liahona, June 2009, N4

General Conference Now Available on CD, DVD in Spanish

Proceedings of general conference in Spanish are now available on CD and DVD. Both the audio and video formats will contain the full conference proceedings, including all of the music and the talks.

“We wanted to get conference products out quickly so people can use them, rather than getting them out in four or five months when they’re getting ready for the next conference,” said Rob Jex, director of scriptures coordination.

He said the English audio CD has been the top-selling new product of conference for the last five years. “We’ve done it in English only [in the past],” Brother Jex said, “but we felt there is enough demand or will be enough demand among the Spanish members to do this.”

The products are planned to be ready within eight weeks after conference. Subscriptions to the products will be available in some areas, Brother Jex said. To find out what areas offer these subscriptions, members can contact their local distribution centers.

The distribution item numbers for April 2009 conference products are 08315 002 for the Spanish CD (08315 000 for English) and 08316 002 for the Spanish DVD (08316 000 for English).

In addition to these new audio CDs, conference is available in more than 70 other languages as audio files at GeneralConference.LDS.org. The Web site also offers text versions of the conference addresses in 30 languages and video streams in American Sign Language, English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

“Our purpose is to get the words of the prophets into the minds and the hearts of the members,” Brother Jex said. “We hope this helps members enhance their personal and family study of the words of the living prophets.”