Education: Plans for the Future
October 2008

“Education: Plans for the Future,” Liahona, Oct. 2008, 27


Plans for the Future

Prepare to be an influence for good in the world. Obtain an education, and be enthusiastic about learning. Attend seminary.

I returned from the mission field with many hopes regarding employment. Even though I had worked before, I had no qualifications, so I did what I could to find work, but I was never satisfied and could not see any progress in my future.

I always wanted to study, but I could not pay for schooling, and my family was not in a position to help me.

When the Perpetual Education Fund was started, I saw an opportunity to change my future. I relied upon my Heavenly Father to help me, and thus I chose a course of study with His inspiration.

I chose to study nursing. My schooling required a lot of study and dedication. But I became impassioned with nursing. Three months after graduating, I was able to find employment at one of the best hospitals in Alagoas, Brazil.

I have many plans for the future. I plan to take advanced studies in nursing, and I have started to pay back my loan so others can partake of the opportunity of receiving an education and the blessings that come with it.