Dress and Appearance: The Shopping Trip
October 2008

“Dress and Appearance: The Shopping Trip,” Liahona, Oct. 2008, 29

Dress and Appearance

The Shopping Trip

Dress modestly to show respect for God and yourself. Never lower your dress standards for any occasion. Do not disfigure your body with tattoos and body piercings.

My mom and I were shopping when I found a black skirt I just had to have. I tried on the skirt and came out to show my mom. She hesitated before saying, “Becky, I think it’s a little on the short side.” I replied that I didn’t think so and reassured her that all the girls at school were wearing similar styles—some a lot shorter. I tried for several minutes to persuade her to like the skirt.

My mom finally said firmly, “It’s too short. We’re not getting it. Go change.”

I didn’t understand why she was being so strict with me, especially when I felt like I was old enough to decide for myself what I could wear. Our shopping trip was ruined, and we drove home in silence.

Finally, my mom spoke: “Becky, the reason I didn’t let you get the skirt is because it didn’t look like you. That skirt was too short and didn’t reflect who you really are. You’re a daughter of God.”

My mom’s explanation taught me a principle that I will always remember. I am a daughter of God, and everything I do and wear reflects what I think of myself and how I feel about my Heavenly Father and my Savior.

Dressing modestly is a constant struggle, but I’m grateful that I didn’t give in and compromise my standards. I know that if we can come to truly understand that we are children of God, we will overcome our desires to dress like the world.