August 2008

“Comment,” Liahona, Aug. 2008, 48


Called to the Lord’s Work

I’m so grateful for the March 2007 Liahona, which talks about how to prepare to serve a full-time mission. Through its message I made a firm decision to serve a mission. A few months later I got my call. The articles in the Liahona helped me realize that now is the time the Lord has called me to assist Him in His work. The Liahona directs us to make the right decisions.

Sister Juvy Sevilla, Philippines

It Touched My Heart

The Liahona is very dear to me; I cannot imagine going without it. In fact, it played an important role in my conversion 21 years ago. At that time the way families were presented to me in the articles impressed me tremendously: families praying together, families going to church together, families expressing their love. All of that touched my heart and helped me understand the gospel. Thank you all for the wonderful work you are doing.

Beatrice Sunke, Switzerland

Strengthening Marriages

I have a friend who got married recently, and I gave her a Liahona magazine that talks about marriage and the sacred responsibility to love each other and care for each other. Even though my friend is not a member, she read the magazine with her husband, and she thanked me sincerely because it helped her strengthen her marriage. The Liahona brings blessings to both members and nonmembers.

Beatriz de Guaigua, Venezuela

Heartfelt Thanks

I just want to express my heartfelt thanks to Heavenly Father and to the editors for providing the Liahona for us to receive His message in this part of the world. The Liahona has given me the confidence to stand bold at all times, even in the midst of my friends, to work to erase the negative thoughts they may have concerning the Church. Please keep on with the good work. I know the gospel will be spread to this part of the world.

Asuquo Dominic Ekpenyong, Nigeria

The Best Magazine

I am a new member of the Church, and I have learned many things about the gospel from the Liahona. My roommates are very interested in the Liahona. They wait every month for it, even though they belong to a different religion. One of my friends said that this is the best magazine he has seen in his life. We were all very interested in the financial chart (see the “Budget Worksheet” in the All Is Safely Gathered In insert, Sept. 2007), and everyone promised to follow it, except instead of paying tithing, my roommates are planning on saving.

Raja Salamon, India

Moved by a Hymn

While reading through the May 2007 issue of the Liahona, I was deeply moved by Elder Jay E. Jensen’s talk, “The Nourishing Power of Hymns.” I too have a strong testimony of the power of hymns. In February 2000, while listening to a local radio show, I heard a song I had never heard before. I not only enjoyed the flow of the music, but I also enjoyed the manner in which the group sang and the message the song carried. I later learned that this song was by a group called Latter-day Saints. I wanted to get the full text of this song. I decided I must visit this church. The first Sunday I attended, my first task was to get a hymnbook. There it was—hymn number 30, “Come, Come, Ye Saints.” I was baptized a few months later.

Richard S. Scotland, Liberia

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