Family Home Evening Ideas
August 2008

“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Liahona, Aug. 2008, inside front cover–1

Family Home Evening Ideas

These ideas can be used for classroom teaching as well as in the home.

“Modesty: Reverence for the Lord,” p. 18: Read the section “Modesty in Dress for Temple Attendance,” and invite family members to answer the questions in the last two paragraphs. (In this discussion, remind your children of times they have dressed appropriately.) Invite your family to discuss how they should dress for other occasions, such as school, work, or social events (see For the Strength of Youth [2001], 14).

“Building an Eternal Family,” p. 34: To illustrate the importance of a solid foundation, build a small tower using blocks; then pull a block from the bottom. As you share the article, have family members identify ways Elder De Hoyos’s father created a solid foundation for his son. Discuss ways your family can strengthen its foundation.

“The Biggest Test of Her Life … So Far,” p. 38: On strips of paper, write several challenges that your family faces. Tell Andrea’s story, and read the sidebar “The Lord’s Textbook.” Invite family members to choose a strip of paper, and have them find a scripture that can help with that challenge.

“Next Time I’ll Listen!” p. F10: Play the following game to illustrate how the Holy Ghost can guide us. Invite a family member to leave the room. Hide a picture of the Lord in the room. Have the person return and search for the picture. Guide him or her by saying “hot” when he or she is moving toward the picture and “cold” when moving away. As you share Manuel’s story, look for what he learned about trusting the Spirit. Conclude by reading Doctrine and Covenants 11:12.

“Pablo’s Practice,” p. F14: Share Pablo’s story. To help prepare family members for a mission, provide training on a skill missionaries must learn, such as teaching, ironing, planning, or scripture study (see Preach My Gospel for more ideas). End with a cooking session by making a treat. Plan to do something specific for missionary work now.