Did You Know?

“Did You Know?” Liahona, July 2007, 46

Did You Know?

It Happened in July

July 30, 1837: Outrunning other baptismal candidates to the River Ribble, George D. Watt became the first convert baptized in Great Britain. Elder Heber C. Kimball baptized him.

July 24, 1847: Brigham Young and other pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley.

July 24, 1929: The Czechoslovak Mission was organized.

July 9, 1976: The Japan Okayama Mission was organized.

Leadership Tip

President James E. Faust, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, taught: “When the Savior was giving Peter some leadership training he said, ‘When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren’ (Luke 22:32).

“It is interesting that he used the word strengthen. It is very difficult to strengthen without being a good communicator. Often problems develop, not because the plan is faulty, but because the communication is inadequate” (“These I Will Make My Leaders,” Ensign, Nov. 1980, 36).

So when you are planning with your family, class, or quorum, remember to communicate. You will need not only to talk; you will need to listen. Listen to those you have a leadership responsibility over, listen to your parents and youth leaders, and most important, listen to the Spirit.

Recognizing the Power of God

The scripture passages below illustrate examples of the power of God and show what the priesthood can do. Read each passage, and match it to the correct picture.

Genesis 1:1
John 11:39–44
3 Nephi 11:21
Mark 14:22–24
John 9:1–7
Helaman 12:9–17

scriptures paintings

Detail from Stilling the Storm, by Ted Henninger; photograph by Steve Bunderson, posed by models; Lazarus, by Carl Heinrich Bloch, courtesy of the National Historic Museum at Frederiksborg in Hillerød, Denmark; photograph by John Luke, posed by models; Creation of Animals and Fowls, by Stanley Galli; photograph by David Stoker, posed by model

Top: Pioneers Entering the Valley, by J. B. Fairbanks, Courtesy of the Museum of Church History and Art