“Comment,” Liahona, July 2007, 48


A Message for My Father

The September 2006 Liahona was extraordinary. I know that President James E. Faust was truly inspired to write his message “The Father Who Cares.” It seemed to concern my family and me directly. In my family there are six children, and we have lost our mother. After reading the article, I didn’t hesitate to pass it on to my father, who has become less active. I know that it will strengthen him.
Tshibasu M. E. Baron, Democratic Republic of the Congo

A Blueprint for My Life

One evening I was reading the January 2006 issue of the Liahona. President Gordon B. Hinckley’s article in Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice, titled “Walk the High Road,” immediately caught my attention. As I read this very inspiring message, every word enlightened my whole being. It has become a blueprint for me to follow in my journey through life.
Coleen Emily G. Mabilog, Philippines

A Missionary Learns

Upon returning to the university after my mission, I found that academic work was really tough for me. As a science and mathematics student, I seemed to have forgotten my basic knowledge of chemistry, physics, and mathematics while I was on my mission. Although my return to the university was hard initially, the things I had learned on my mission—such as researching to find answers—boosted my morale as I studied in school. I am glad that I placed the Lord first in my life and went on a mission. The article “On the Lord’s Team,” by R. Val Johnson in the March 2006 Liahona, confirmed these feelings.
Aristotle Kyeremanteng Fokuo, Ghana

Reminded of Others’ Needs

I think the October 2006 Liahona was one of the best ever published. I know there are many people who are investigating the Church who have felt that this issue speaks to them. I myself have been a member of the Church for many years. I find that longtime members can become blind to the worries, fears, and needs of those who have just joined the Church or who are about to join it. The October Liahona reminded me of their needs.
Volker P. Gebhard, Germany

True Explanations

I was fortunate enough to meet missionaries from your church. Thanks to these young men, I became acquainted with the Liahona. It is a marvelous magazine! It gives a complete view of the mission and principles of your church. It discusses problems as well as how to solve them. It also talks about the direction of the future path of your church.

I read the article “The Fall of Adam and Eve” in the June 2006 Liahona. I want to thank you for vindicating our first mother, Eve, and for your tireless search for true explanations of complex events described in the gospel.
Alla R. Muriseva, Russia

Your Feedback

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Photograph by John Luke, posed by models