Church Assists Floridians Struck by Tornadoes

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“Church Assists Floridians Struck by Tornadoes,” Liahona, June 2007, N7

Church Assists Floridians Struck by Tornadoes

Within 24 hours after three tornadoes killed more than 20 people in central Florida, USA, 500 members of the Church arrived to help begin relief efforts. The tornadoes destroyed or significantly damaged more than 1,500 homes in February 2007, including the homes of 14 member families.

Despite the damage to the member homes, all members and missionaries in the affected areas were safe. Priesthood leaders helped relocate the 14 families who lost homes.

About 400 member volunteers gathered at an Orlando Church building to receive instructions on where they would spend the day cleaning and removing debris. In another part of the city, 100 more volunteers gathered to help clean up the Deland area.

In addition to manpower, the Church provided tarps, generators, chain saws, gloves, hammers, nails, and cleaning kits.

Brady Nixon, a member of the Church from the Oviedo area who helped in the cleanup efforts, said, “The destruction was so comprehensive. The people were very grateful that at least they were alive and that we were there and helping.”

The Church already had needed items, including food and water, in Church storehouses in Florida.

Members of the Church help clear debris following a deadly tornado in Florida.