Family Home Evening Ideas

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“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Liahona, June 2007, inside front cover–1

Family Home Evening Ideas

These ideas can be used for classroom teaching as well as in the home.

“Put Light in Your Life,” p. 16: Have one family member put a box or basket over his or her head. Ask that person to describe what he or she sees. Ask how that experience is similar to spiritual darkness. Select examples from the article to teach what gives us spiritual light.

“Supporting Your Bishop,” p. 30: Have family members write down challenges they face or may face. Determine the most appropriate people to help with these challenges. (Answers may include parents, home or visiting teachers, the bishop.) Read the section “Lighten His Load,” and review the bishop’s roles. Discuss ways the family can better support and sustain the bishop. Plan a family activity to do something nice for your bishop or branch president.

“Missing the World Cup,” p. 37: As you read the story, have family members listen for ways that Fabiana was a good example. For an activity, toss a ball to different members of the family. As they catch the ball, have them share how they can be positive examples to others.

“It Made Us a Family,” p. 38: Discuss and evaluate past family home evenings. Review the six things the author’s family did to make their home evenings successful. Create a chart to track family home evening assignments, and brainstorm future family home evening themes.

“Deadly Maka-fekes,” p. F2: Describe a maka-feke and list some of the temptations Satan uses to entice people. Have family members draw examples of these modern maka-fekes. Find scriptures that illustrate how to avoid and overcome these temptations. Discuss how to say no to bad things.