February 2007

“Rescued!” Liahona, Feb. 2007, F6–F7

From the Life of President Spencer W. Kimball

Adapted from Edward L. Kimball and Andrew E. Kimball Jr., Spencer W. Kimball (1977), 35.


President Spencer W. Kimball
Events in the life of President Spencer W. Kimball

Illustrations by Sal Velluto and Eugenio Mattozzi

Spencer grew up in a tight-knit Arizona community. When he was seven years old, he went to a picnic at a nearby ranch.

Boy: Hey, why don’t we hop in the pond for a swim?

Wearing their regular clothes, they all went swimming. But Spencer had not yet learned to swim well.

Spencer: I wish I could swim like you, Pa!

Father: Don’t cling so tight, Son.

Spencer: Not the deep part! Pa, I’m scared! Take me back to the shallow water.

Father: All right, Spencer. There, now. Can you feel the ground?

Spencer climbed off his father’s back, and his father swam away.

But as Spencer stepped toward shore, he fell into a deep hole!

He struggled and thrashed but did not think anyone had seen him go under.

Spencer: Help! Oh, why can’t someone hear me scream for help?

Just when Spencer thought he would drown, his father snatched him and dragged him to shore.

Spencer later learned to swim but never felt comfortable in deep water. He was grateful the Lord had preserved his life so he could grow and fulfill his mission on earth.