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“Comment,” Liahona, Jan. 2007, 48


Answers to Questions

While I was serving in Venezuela, we taught a man who had investigated many churches but still had not found what he was looking for. He loved everything we taught him about the Church, but he did not feel he had received an answer through prayer. He began to have a lot of doubts. Then his doubts disappeared. He told us that he had been jogging in the park when he found a Liahona on an empty bench. He sat down and read it, and it answered his questions. He then was able to set a baptism date. Thank you for the Liahona!
Elder Jordan Eves, Chile Viña del Mar Mission

A Visit to the Temple

I went to the temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in São Paulo, Brazil, when it was open for the public to visit, and I had to write and say how wonderful it was! Every detail was really magnificent. We were treated with great care and respect. I felt that Jesus Christ was present.

The rooms were so beautiful! And in every room I felt an indescribable peace. The celestial room was almost heaven—I could not contain my emotions because of the pure love I felt. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. I am of another religion, but through this visit I felt renewed in the faith and in the peace of the Lord.
Marisa Pretti Ferreira, Brazil

Window on the World

We send our greetings and our thanks for the extraordinary work of your staff. The Liahona is a window on the world capable of reaching the ends of the planet, which is where our country is. It is also wonderful to be able to find Church publications in Spanish on the Internet.
Juan C. Giménez and family, Paraguay

A Continual Reader

As a continual reader of your wonderful magazine, I impatiently wait for the new issue of the magazine every month. The materials you print on the pages of the Liahona—writings of the leaders of the Church, their talks at general conference, articles, letters from readers, and other materials—always uplift and supply inspiration for me. They nourish my spirit, heart, and mind. They help me find answers to life’s most pressing questions and for all of life’s varied situations. Practically every page brings such a powerful, living testimony. It’s hardly possible for anyone, even the most skeptical reader, to remain untouched by its spirit.
Vyacheslav Gureev, Russia

Coming Next Month

If you wanted to deliver a message to people in all ages of the world and in all lands, how would you do it? You could use symbolism. The February issue will feature two articles about symbolism. One consists of quotations from General Authorities and Latter-day Saint scholars on why and how the Lord uses symbols to teach us, particularly in the temple. It will be accompanied by stories of members’ experiences with temple worship.

The second article will discuss the parable of the good Samaritan. The author, a professor from Brigham Young University, shares some early Christian interpretations that view the parable as symbolic of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the role His Church plays in our lives.

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