Additional Sharing Time Ideas, January 2007

“Additional Sharing Time Ideas, January 2007,” Liahona, Jan. 2007, N8

Additional Sharing Time Ideas, January 2007

The following are additional ideas Primary leaders may use with the Sharing Time printed in the January 2007 Liahona. For the lesson, instructions, and activity that correspond with these ideas, see “Be Not Afraid” on pages F4 and F5 of the children’s section in this issue.

  1. My faith in Jesus Christ is strengthened when I pray. Invite a brother in the ward or branch approved by the bishop or branch president to dress in a simple costume to portray Joseph Smith and to tell the story of the First Vision (see Joseph Smith—History 1:5–20). Have him focus on the faith that Joseph Smith had in reading from James 1:5 and knowing that he could “ask of God.” Have him describe Joseph Smith’s determination in retiring to the woods to receive an answer to his questions. While the guest is telling the story, have the pianist play softly in the background “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” (Hymns, no. 26) or another hymn about the Prophet. Ask the guest to bear testimony of Joseph Smith and of the power of prayer. Let the children share hymnbooks to sing “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer.”

  2. I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He will help me keep the commandments. Show the children what a mustard seed looks like. Walk around so all the children can see how tiny it is. (If mustard seeds are not available in your area, choose another kind of seed that will grow into something large, such as a kernel of corn that will grow into a cornstalk.) Have the children look up Luke 17:5–6. Read it together. Restate the scripture by explaining that the Apostles wanted to increase their faith. Jesus told them that even a tiny amount of faith could move a large tree. Elder David B. Haight (1906–2004) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said: “President Hinckley often speaks to us about developing more faith. … That faith is a result of our living the principles of the gospel, living the way we should” (“Faith of Our Prophets,” Liahona, Jan. 2002, 26). As we keep the commandments, we will increase our faith. As we increase our faith, we will have a greater desire to keep the commandments.

    Sing “Keep the Commandments” (Hymns, no. 303). Give each child a piece of paper and a pencil or crayons. Have the children fold the papers into four sections. Ask them to draw pictures of four commandments they can keep (see “Drawing Activities,” Teaching, No Greater Call [1999], 166–67). To give them ideas of what to draw, have the pianist play several different Primary songs about specific commandments such as baptism, prayer, tithing, and so on. Allow the children to share the pictures they have drawn. Explain how having faith will help them keep the commandments. Share a personal experience of a time when your faith in the Lord helped you keep His commandments, and testify of His love for you.

  3. Song presentation: “I’ll Follow Him in Faith” (Liahona, Feb. 2003, F16; or I’ll Follow Him in Faith: 2007 Outline for Sharing Time and the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation [2006], 11). Explain that the song “I’ll Follow Him in Faith” is a list of some of God’s blessings to us. Write 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the chalkboard. (You may want to present this song in two parts, teaching each verse on separate weeks. Write all four numbers on the chalkboard, but teach only the first two blessings the first week.) Ask the children to listen for the first blessing. Sing “The Lord has blessed me with gospel truth,” and then sing “la, la” through the next two lines. When the children respond, write “gospel truth” after 1. Have the children sing the words to the blessing with you, and then sing “la, la” through the next two lines, just as you did. Follow the same pattern for “The Lord has blessed me with simple faith.” Explain that the part they have been singing “la, la” to tells more about the blessing. As you teach the rest of the lines, have the children listen for rhyming words (truth/youth; light/right) in the different sections. Tell the children how thankful you are for all of Heavenly Father’s blessings to you. Testify of God’s love and the importance of following Him in faith.