Listening to the Spirit

“Listening to the Spirit,” Liahona, Aug. 2006, F6–F7

From the Life of President Wilford Woodruff

Adapted from Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Wilford Woodruff (2004), 46–47.

Listening to the Spirit

President Wilford Woodruff
Events in the life of President Wilford Woodruff

Illustrated by Sal Velluto and Eugenio Mattozzi

Wilford Woodruff traveled across the United States several times as a leader in the Church. One time he stayed overnight in Indiana on his way to meet with the Saints in Boston, Massachusetts.

Wilford: I think we should sleep here tonight. I know of some brethren who will let us stay with them.

Wilford, his wife, and one of their children decided to sleep in the carriage.

Wife: It looks like all of the other children are settled down in the house for the night. Good night, Wilford.

Wilford: Good night.

Not long after getting in bed, Wilford heard a voice tell him to move his carriage.

Wilford: I have to move the carriage.

Wife: What for?

Wilford: I do not know. But I do recognize the voice of the Spirit, and it’s telling me to move.

Wilford moved the carriage forward. About 30 minutes later a sudden whirlwind blew a nearby oak tree over. The huge tree was snapped into pieces and crushed two fences.

When the Woodruffs’ hosts and children came out to look at the damage, they noticed that the tree had landed right where Wilford’s carriage was parked before he moved it.

In the morning the Woodruffs were able to safely continue their journey, and they went on their way rejoicing.

Wilford: By obeying the revelation of the Spirit of God to me, I saved my life as well as the lives of my wife and child.