Family Home Evening Ideas
June 2006

“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Liahona, June 2006, inside front cover–1

Family Home Evening Ideas

These ideas can help you use the Liahona to enhance your teaching in the classroom as well as in the home.

“The Profile of a Prophet,” p. 10: Invite two family members to act as lawyers, and have them read the question-and-answer part of the conversation in the article. Show President Hugh B. Brown’s list of characteristics of a true prophet, and have family members, acting as witnesses, tell how Joseph Smith demonstrated those qualities. Read the last three paragraphs of the article, and testify of the blessings of following a living prophet.

“Questions and Answers,” p. 22: Practice sharing a copy of the Book of Mormon with a family member by explaining what the book is, sharing a favorite verse, and inviting him or her to read selected verses or chapters. Have the family member receiving the copy ask some questions. The family can discuss how to answer them.

“A Sense of the Sacred,” p. 28: Show pictures of people wearing different types of clothing and ask where they should be worn. Use the article to define “Sunday best” and explain how appropriate clothing shows respect for Heavenly Father. Have family members list places that are sacred. Plan ways to dress appropriately in sacred places.

“A Firm Decision,” p. F6: Role-play the two Word of Wisdom situations Elder E. Israel Pérez describes, without giving away his decision. After each role play, let family members guess how Elder Pérez reacted. Finish the stories, and use his counsel to discuss decisions that family members can make now to combat future temptations.

“The Butter Dish,” p. F10: Ask a family member to teach the law of tithing using 10 coins or other small objects. Tell the story of the butter dish, and discuss why the dish meant so much to Emma. Share personal experiences and testimonies about the law of tithing.