Additional Sharing Time Ideas, June 2006

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“Additional Sharing Time Ideas, June 2006,” Liahona, June 2006, N8

Additional Sharing Time Ideas, June 2006

The following are additional ideas Primary leaders may use with the Sharing Time printed in the June 2006 Liahona. For the lesson, instructions, and activity that correspond with these ideas, see “Keep the Commandments” on pages F4 and F5 of the children’s section in this issue.

1. Explain that My Gospel Standards help keep Heavenly Father’s commandments. On the chalkboard display the My Gospel Standards poster or list (found on page F4 in this issue or on the back cover of the Faith in God guidebooks). Write on slips of paper these scripture references containing commandments that match My Gospel Standards: Abr. 3:25, Mosiah 18:10, Mosiah 4:10, Ex. 20:15–16, Ex. 20:7, Ex. 20:8, Ex. 20:12, D&C 89, D&C 42:40–41, A of F 1:13, D&C 25:12, John 13:34–35, D&C 109:12–13. Ask a child to choose one slip of paper and read the reference. Have all the children look up the scripture. Ask which commandment is contained in the scripture. Have the children in the class of the child who chose the slip of paper match the commandment to a standard. Ask another class how we are blessed when we live the standard. Sing a song or hymn about obedience. Testify of the blessings that come from being obedient to Heavenly Father’s commandments.

For younger children: Prepare five or six slips of paper with one of My Gospel Standards written on each one. Have a child draw a slip of paper out of a basket and act out how to keep that standard. Have that child lead the other children in acting out the standard as they all sing a song or hymn about obedience. Teach the children that My Gospel Standards help us choose the right.

2. Lead a discussion to help the children discover the blessings that are promised if they are faithful. Have older children look up scriptures; younger children can guess the principle from the picture clues. Ask, “What is the principle taught? What are some blessings that come from being faithful to this principle?” Sing a song to reinforce the principle. For example, tithing: Mal. 3:8–12, Primary picture 3–26 (girl with tithing envelope), song or hymn about tithing; Sabbath day: D&C 59:12–19, Primary picture 3–25 (family going to church), song or hymn about the Sabbath. Hand out paper and crayons to the children. Have them fold the paper in half. On one half, have them draw a picture of themselves obeying one of the commandments taught today. On the other half of the page, they can draw one of the promised blessings. Have them include the scripture reference on the drawing. Encourage each child to take the drawing home to share with his or her family and to post as a reminder of Heavenly Father’s promises.

3. Song presentation: “Dearest Children, God Is Near You” (Hymns, no. 96). Role-play being really cold. Say, “Now we’ve come inside to sit by a glowing fire and nestle in a soft, warm quilt.” Place a warm quilt around a helper. Ask, “Doesn’t that warm you and make you feel better?” Explain that we may have times that feel like a cold, stormy day. We can feel warmer and better during those times if we will remember what this song teaches. Sing the phrase, “Dearest children, God is near you,” and ask, “Doesn’t it make you feel better to know that?” Sing that part with the children. As you sing the next part, ask the children to listen for what God is doing and when He does it. Sing the next phrase, and pitch lead (indicate the pitch of each note by raising your hand higher or lower) “watching o’er you day and night.” Take responses, review, and have the children sing with you. As you sing the rest of the song, have the children listen to see what delights Heavenly Father (“to own and bless you”), what we must do to receive His blessings (“strive to do what’s right”), and what phrase is repeated (“He will bless you”). Pause after each phrase to take responses. Review and lead the children in singing by phrases, helping them understand what they are to do to receive His blessings. Testify that Heavenly Father is near them and will bless them.